Bird Feeders   Back in stock in the four colors shown below and natural wood. 

Hand crafted bird feeders.  One side has a suet / seed cake cage the other side has a holder for fruit.  The top of each side is embellished with a variety of hand painted tile, river rock or art glass disks.  Each feeder is one of a kind.   $29 plus shipping.
For your birds, house warming gift, hostess gift, birthday gift or 'just because' gift. 
Don't forget your hairdresser, dog groomer, mail carrier and newspaper delivery person during the holidays.
Buffet Style / Platform Feeders have mesh bottoms so rain or snow doesn't turn it into a bird bath. Each is one of a kind.
Above images are examples only.
$49 plus shipping

4 Pack Seed Cakes  fit in suet feeders. 
$12 per pack of 4 seed cakes plus shipping
Birdseed Wreaths will be available October to December 14th