More Then Just A Birdhouse.  It's Art!

unique - one of a kind - special - stoned - birdhouses

Each Stoned Birdhouse is handcrafted from recycled and natural materials. My primary objective is to use as many found, recycled and sustainable materials as possible in creating each birdhouse. They are unique, one of-a-kind items, with no two pieces being exactly alike. Stones used are collected from the shores of Lake Michigan, local rivers and from creek beds. Certain models may also contain, washed gravel, beach glass, recycled glass or recycled hardware. Each  birdhouse is weatherproof and it can be left outdoors all year long.  

Over 50 birdhouses will be on display at
Dapper Dog, 2867 N. Brookfield Rd., Brookfield, WI through February 25th, 2017

No trees in your yard?   No problem!
No trees in your yard? No problem!